Customs and Logistics Terminal

Delivering solutions to customers' needs in international cargo transportation, customs clearance, and warehouse logistics efficiently and effectively.
14—16 days
Transit time to Vorsino from Harbin, Shenian, Chanchun, Beigin, Tancin
Effective range in  China
2500 km
Daily storage capacity
400 TEU
Rail, auto
Delivery to any point of Russia
About us
KANIKURGAN TLT is a new, modern logistics facility in the Far East located just 30 km away from Blagoveshchensk and 1 km next to  Chinese border . TLT placement allows to reduce the transit   route via Russia by 1500 km related to the closest railway hubs in Ussuriysk and Vladivostok in western direction without a significant mileage increase through China. A new transport corridor is being formed for South-Eastern China, with a coverage area of 2500 km. It includes four provinces, two central subordination districts — 166.000.000 people, with GRP of 1.7 trillion USD.
Convenient location near Kani-Kurgan Checkpoint
Customs control zone on the territory of the TLT
Modern Rospotrebnadzor laboratory
Multi-temperature storage, TSW, dangerous cargo storage zone
Necessary loading, unloading and inspection equipment
200 TEU per day TLT capacity
PRC coverage is 2500 kм
Average delivery time from TLT to Moscow is 2 weeks
We are synced with TransContainer container terminal
KANIKURGAN TLT is an official partner of PAO “TransContainer” for the organization of multimodal transport from China to Russia. Operation synchronization will provide you with timely logistics.
Inbound and outbound logictics via Kani-Kurgan Checkpoint
Our customs representative will help you organize optimal logistics of import deliveries through Kani-Kurgan checkpoint, including the toll in China and customs procedures in Russia.
Import documentation requirements
 (work in progress)
Export documentation requirements
 (work in progress)


675 502, Amur region,
Blagoveshchensky District,
Grodekovsky Village Council,
Kanikurgan village, the territory of the customs and logistics terminal, b. 1