Customs and Logistics terminal

Solving client’s tasks organizing international cargo transportation, customs clearance, warehouse logistics qualitatively and effectively.
14—16 days
Transit time to Vorsino from Harbin, Shenian, Chanchun, Beigin, Tancin
Delivery territory in China
2500 km
Daily capacity
400 TEU
Rail, auto
Delivery to every point of Russia
Responsible storage
  • Closed TSW — 9 216 м²
  • Dangerous cargo zone
We carry out loading and unloading operations, cargo placement and storage with taking into account the weight characteristics and commodity neighborhood principle. Goods in the TSW can be stored on pallets after unloading and in the vehicles, in which the goods were delivered to TLT.
We offer you the following services:
  • Loading and unloading operations: Mechanized cargo processing on pallets, Manual cargo processing, interwarehouse cargo moving
  • Processing of goods (packaging, labeling, palleting)
  • Providing reports on movement of goods on the warehouse
  • Insurance of stored goods
TSW is supplied with modern loading and unloading equipment: reach stackers, forklifts; weighting equipment, "Yantar" system, x-ray television introscopes.
Container storage
General space — 8400 м²
  • Container storage area in customs control zone
  • Dangerous cargo storage area (opening in 2022)
We provide a service for storing a vehicle or a container with cargo in an open area. For customers served in TLT, storage or parking is charge-free for 48 hours. For a refrigerated container, the service of connecting to TLT KANIKURGAN power supply is provided.
Freight forwarding
Our Freight Products offer high quality road and rail transportation, multimodal "Door to door" shipping from standard services such as LTL (Less-than-Truck Load), PTL (Part) or FTL (Full-Truck Load) shipments to temperature controlled and highly secured transports in Russia and China. By carrying out international freight forwarding, we not only accompany the transported goods, but also provide support at all stages. We will work on your order and check it on the compliance with the attached documentation, deliver the goods to the recipient according to the act and within the agreed time frame.

Freight forwarding from/to Heilongjiang district (PRC) :
We organize a multimodal container shipment from China to any city of Russia with passage of customs procedures through KANIKURGAN checkpoint (Blagoveshchensk). The goods that have passed customs are delivered to the final destination by automobile transport or railroad.
The geography of freight forwarding within China is constantly expanding, please check with the manager for the necessary location.
Multi-temperature storage◆soon
  • A-class storage
  • Chamber ceiling height: 6.5 м
  • Floor coverage: anti-dust concrete
  • Thermal conditions: Fresh cold from +2С to +8С,
  • Standard conditions +14С.
Our employees would help you to choose appropriate thermal conditions for your product to ensure its maximum safety. The service additionally includes loading and unloading operations and cross-docking. You can rent a certain area or choose responsible storage.
Opening in 2022.
Total area
2 transshipment facilities
Cold and dry warehouses
We offer:
  • Unloading the goods from the vehicle with mechanized or manual method with further identification of the cargo space according to the Client’s request.
  • One-time cargo space acceptance and sorting of goods by assortment.
  • Forming of cargo spaces and packaging lists.
  • Loading the goods on the vehicle with mechanized or manual method.
Opening in 2022.
Express cargo◆soon
E-commerce solutions
We offer you solutions for cross border E-commerce including simplified customs clearance and delivery. For working with express cargo, TSW TLT KANIKURGAN possesses large-size x-ray television introscope. This equipment has high penetrating power in steel, precision in depicting multi-layer objects, providing us with real-time diagnostics to ensure the reliability during cargo inspection.
You can be provided with services of customs representative or express carrier.
Product marking◆soon
In the near future our customers will get access to the service of marking of products imported into Russian Federation. Please, contact the manager to agree on specification.
You can find products subject to mandatory labeling on честныйзнак.рф website.

According to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, a National track & trace digital system will be created by 2024, based at the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies.
Customs broker
You can use our partners' services for executing export-import operations. Licensed customs representative will provide necessary customs registration of client’s goods on his behalf, under his own seal. Our partners: Unitrade, Major, Kuehne+Nagel
Survey services
We provide our clients with a complex of economic and industrial measures: inspection of cargo to evaluate the conditions of its placement and movement. Complex of services includes:
  • Visual examination of the container for technical serviceability and absence of traces of unauthorized access to the cargo
  • Unsealing of the container.
  • Photographing of the container and its locking and sealing device before unsealing
  • Visual inspection and photographing of the cargo.
  • Sealing the container after examination
  • Photographing of the container after sealing
  • Providing a report of examination
Please, contact the manager to clarify the specifics and form a personal offer.
Electronic queue
To ensure the execution of China export delivery you can use the Vehicle queue booking service for booking travel time via "KANIKURGAN" checkpoint on the website or the mobile app.
About us
KANIKURGAN TLT is a new, modern logistics facility in the Far East in 30 km from Blagoveshchensk and close to the border of China. TLT placement allows to reduce the length of the route through Russia by 1500 km relative to the closest points of railway train forming in Ussuriysk and Vladivostok in western direction without a significant mileage increase through China. A new transport corridor is being formed for South-Eastern China, with a coverage area of 2500 km. It includes four provinces, two central subordination districts — 166.000.000 people, with GRP of 1.7 trillion USD.
Convenient location near Kani-Kurgan Checkpoint
Customs control zone on the territory of the TLT
Modern Rospotrebnadzor laboratory
Multi-temperature storage, TSW, dangerous cargo storage zone
Necessary loading, unloading and inspection equipment
200 TEU per day TLT capacity
PRC coverage is 2500 kм
Average delivery time from TLT to Moscow is 2 weeks
We operate synchronously with TransContainer container terminal
KANIKURGAN TLT is an official partner of PAO “TransContainer” for the organization of multimodal transport from China to Russia. Operation synchronization will provide you with timely logistics.
Logistics organization through Kani-Kurgan Checkpoint from China
Our customs representative will help you organize optimal logistics of import deliveries through Kani-Kurgan checkpoint, including the toll in China and customs procedures in Russia.
Import registration documents
 (work in progress)
Export registration documents
 (work in progress)


675 502, Amur region,
Blagoveshchensky District,
Grodekovsky Village Council,
Kanikurgan village, the territory of the customs and logistics terminal, b. 1