The first container train with cargo from China, delivered over the new bridge over the Amur River, was sent from Blagoveshchensk to Samara

The logistics operator «Octet Cargo», a subsidiary of the «Agency for the Development of Project Initiatives», together with the container operator «RZD Business Asset» are launching a new multimodal container service.

The first train loaded with fifty forty-foot containers was sent on August 11 from Blagoveshchensk station to the reference terminal of AO "RZD Business Asset" Bezymyanka in Samara. Medical supplies will be delivered from China by Torgmall.

The service is focused on ensuring cargo turnover between China and Russia at the new KANIKURGAN customs crossing in the Amur region. The multimodal route includes the delivery of goods by road from China via the bridge over the Amur River opened this year to the KANIKURGAN Customs and Logistics Terminal, where customs clearance, necessary processing and preparation for shipment take place.

As part of the service, AO "RZD Business Asset" provides the provision of rolling stock, payment of the railway tariff on the territory of Russia, as well as terminal and warehouse services at departure and destination stations.

The multimodal container service consists of weekly regular routes from China via the KANIKURGAN TLT to Central Russia from the Blagoveshchensk station. The main cargo traffic of the new direction is consumer goods, food, cosmetic and medical products.

"The launch of such projects is a priority. After all, this helps to reorient many chains and connections towards the East and form new transport corridors. The operation of the service will reduce the mileage in Russia by 1500 km relative to the nearest points of formation of railway trains in Vladivostok and Ussuriysk to the west without significantly increasing the mileage in China. We look forward to cooperation as cargo turnover increases and Russia's foreign trade with the Asia-Pacific countries develops," said Pavel Puzanov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Amur Region.

"Our task is to offer modern logistics infrastructure in the Amur Region in the changed market conditions and provide foreign trade participants with the necessary service to conduct effective business with China. The launch of the multimodal service is the first step in the formation of regular routes from the KANIKURGAN TLT to central Russia," said Valeria Repkova, General Director of the Agency for the Development of Project Initiatives.

As noted by the deputy head of the Trans-Baikal Railway for Territorial Administration, Pyotr Saprykin, the Russian Railways holding and the highway provide support for a new in-demand offer in the transport market. The development of the terminal and warehouse complex of the Blagoveshchensk station in the future will allow sending one container train per day.

According to Anton Tikhonov, Acting Sales Director of Russian Railways Business Asset JSC, new services aimed at developing multimodal transportation from China to Russia will balance the number of containers in circulation, will contribute to the growth of security and connectivity of regions and the creation of new supply chains."