The KANIKURGAN customs and logistics terminal KANIKURGAN showed readiness when testing control points on the international bridge over the AMUR River

Technological processes and logistical operations necessary for crossing the state border were tested at the border bridge crossing over the Amur River.
A working group consisting of representatives of state executive authorities and control and supervisory agencies tested all control points when crossing the border with a vehicle provided by the logistics operator Gazprom Helium Service LLC.
"The international road bridge connecting Russia and China is waiting for the opening of traffic. The departments are taking measures aimed at debugging the technological processes of the functioning of the transport and logistics mechanism with the crossing of the state border. Representatives of relevant ministries, border and customs services, Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzor are working out various scenarios in order to be as ready as possible to launch traffic on the bridge," said the head of the Amur region Vasily Orlov.
During testing at the border bridge crossing, two scenarios were worked out without actually crossing the state border: refusal to cross the state border for various reasons and successful completion of all control procedures.

The test vehicle - the KAMAZ LNG tractor of Gazprom Helium Service LLC - was moving along the route from the parking lot at the site of the electronic queue of TLT KANIKURGAN towards China through the border bridge crossing to the border and back. At the toll collection point, the driver of the transport carried out the payment, then passed all the checkpoint procedures at the automobile checkpoint and drove towards China.
Gazprom Helium Service, as a single logistics operator of Gazprom PJSC in the Far East, plans to build a Natural gas Liquefaction Complex in the Amur Region and ensure the transportation of commercial products of the Amur Gas Processing Plant via the international bridge. The test transition is one of the steps of a strategic planned partnership with the Government of the Amur Region and the Agency for the Development of Project Initiatives within the framework of the agreements concluded," said Lyubov Brish, General Director of Gazprom Helium Service LLC.
"The purpose of today's testing is to understand what difficulties and what nuances a vehicle may encounter when passing through a border bridge crossing. We have used all the transition segments in testing. The route starts from the site of the electronic queue in the direction of export from Russia with passage through the toll collection point and through the checkpoint. The import segment is also involved when the car is moving from the state border towards the checkpoint with further movement towards the KANIKURGAN customs and logistics terminal," said Roman Ushakov, deputy head of the branch of the limited liability company for the development and construction of the Amur (Heilongjiang) Bridge in Blagoveshchensk.
During the test, specialists monitored the time spent by the vehicle on all sections of the bridge crossing in order to identify and understand possible technical nuances that real users of the bridge crossing may face in the future.

"The test passage demonstrated the coordinated work of participants in foreign economic activity and government agencies. TLT KANIKURGAN is ready for cargo traffic, a modern Rosselkhoznadzor laboratory is equipped on its territory and a customs service post is functioning, which will ensure that the necessary procedures for passing the border to cargo transport are carried out in a short time. Even now, taking into account all technological processes, TLT KANIKURGAN is ready to pass more than 60 cars per day," said Valeria Repkova, General Director of the Agency for the Development of Project Initiatives.
"At the field meeting of the working group, in preparation for the launch of traffic on the bridge, the technical capabilities of the automobile checkpoint and related infrastructure facilities were tested. The time costs of control procedures carried out in connection with the vehicle crossing the state border were monitored. The control bodies arrived at the bridge today in the composition in which they are assigned to work here. Similar events are currently being held on the Chinese side, all the objects of cross-border infrastructure are also ready for work and have passed the state acceptance procedures. The bridge crossing is fully ready to work," said Svetlana Popova, Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Management of the region.
Recall that the international automobile bridge over the Amur River is two-lane and has a length of 1080 meters, 540 meters on each side. The total length of the bridge crossing is 19.4 km, which includes 13.4 km of access roads in Russia and 6.7 km of road in China.
The KANIKURGAN customs and logistics terminal is part of the project for the development of the transport and logistics infrastructure of the Far East and is part of the logistics infrastructure of the border territory of the Amur Region.

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